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  • Welcome

    We finally did it. We started a travel blog.

    The Lost Girls Collective is a travel blog written by three friends who share a passion for travel. We travel every chance we get, love photography and writing, and we were in need of some sort of creative outlet and a place to share our stories. Guess we found it.

    Whenever we are planning a trip we all go nuts on Pinterest and travel blogs looking for inspiration and information. And throughout the years we have all gained loads of experience and knowledge, some of which we learned the hard way. So it just makes sense to contribute ourselves and share what we’ve learned with other travelers. Our ultimate goal? To inspire people to travel more.

    We hope you join us on our journey.

    xx The Lost Girls

    Read more about the three of us & how we all met here.

    Tina Krey
    Tina Krey

    Hi, I’m Tina! A Norwegian girl who is currently balancing life as a student, work in healthcare and this hobby of mine called travel. Hiking and dinosaurs are my favorites. Oh, and I also like beer.

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