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  • Weekend Break in Riga

    Art Nouveau architecture, interesting history, great food, shopping, relaxing spas & fun activities. This baltic gem has it all.

    Where To Stay

    There are plenty of things to do in Riga. But more than anything else, the city is famous for it’s many spas – which makes it the perfect destination for a calm and relaxing weekend. Spa hotels are all over this capital so there are many amazing options to choose from, most of them are very affordable too.

    As we were three people traveling together we wanted our own apartment instead of getting a hotel room. We quickly landed on this super affordable apartment at AirBnb for our weekend stay. The standard was great and all of the sights were within walking distance from the apartment. It was a huge bonus that our host was extremely helpful since our flight got delayed for hours and we got to Riga late, so I can highly recommend Linda’s apartment.

    Sightseeing In Riga

    One of my favorite activities while traveling is simply to walk around my destination and observe. Look at the sights, listen to local people chat in their native language, take it all in. Riga is the perfect city for that as it’s centre is intimate enough that most major sights are within walking distance of each other.

    Old Town Riga

    Old Town Riga is the historical center of the city. With it’s narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful Medieval buildings it is truly the most charming area of the Latvian capital, and I doubt it is possible to visit Riga without stepping a foot within Old Town. Here you’ll find several restaurants, cute little gift shops and looooads of other tourists. A definite must-see.

    Old town riga

    If you want a great view of Riga from above, you should visit St Peter’s Church in Old Town. This lovely church from the 1200s has a complicated history and it’s 123 meter high tower has been rebuilt several times. We were really lucky with the weather when we visited it as you can see below.

    View from Saint Peters church in Riga
    View from Saint Peters church in Riga

    Another picturesque spot in the city is The House of The Blackheads. This beautiful building was built in 1334 as a venue for events held by public organizations in Riga. Like many other historical buildings in this city, House of The Blackheads was destroyed by bombs during World War II, but was fully rebuilt in 1999.

    Freedom Monument

    Between Old Town Riga and the newer Central Riga it’s hard to miss the towering Freedom Monument – known as Milda among locals. It has been the central landmark of Riga since it was unveiled in 1935, and was constructed as a memorial to those who died in Latvia’s struggle for independence.

    A Stroll Along the Canal

    The park surrounding the Freedom Monument is called Bastejkalna Park and is a real gem worthy of a visit. Through the park runs Pilsētas kanāls, a city canal that once protected the medieval interior of Riga from invaders. If you follow the canal northwest, you’ll eventually reach Kronvalda park too – another lovely city park. Although somewhat quiet and colorless during our visit in winter, I can only imagine the lush beauty of these parks the more colorful seasons. You can even go kayaking at night in the canal.

    Art Nouveau Architecture

    Riga is quite proud of their Art Nouveau architecture, or jugendstil, and with good reason: More than a third of the city’s buildings are examples of this beautiful and detailed design form. One of my favorite streets in Riga includes Alberta Iela, where nearly every building is in Jugendstil.

    I also enjoyed Elizabetes Iela and Strēlnieku Iela in the same area, so I recommend you get yourself a coffee to go and stroll these wonderful streets. If architecture really floats your boat, you should pay a visit to the Riga Art Nouveau Museum at Alberta Iela 12, and make sure you check out the lovely shop Art Nouveau Riga across the street in Strēlnieku Iela 9.

    art nouveau building riga

    Where To Eat in Riga


    You guys, words cannot express how much I fell for this place. We found it on TripAdvisor and payed it a visit while checking out the Jugendstil in Strēlnieku Iela. They have the cutest interior with the perfect amount of eccentric, exciting soviet dishes you should try, and the most adorable cups for their delicious coffee. The perfect lunch break for your art nouveau sightseeing trip! Address: Strēlnieku iela 9

    where to eat in riga - rasols

    Lidojosa Varde – The Flying Frog

    We found this place on TripAdvisor as well. The Flying Frog has a laidback vibe which we liked, their interior is fun and different and everyone is welcome here. The prices are very budget friendly without compromising the quality of the food, which is perfect for students or families visiting Riga. Absolutely worth a visit. Psst! Make sure you try their frozen mango daiquiri, soo yummy. Address: Elizabetes iela 31 A

    Domini Canes

    If I could, I would dine here every night. Seriously. Even my brother loved this place and he is the most picky eater on this planet, so that says a lot. You should try their oven-roasted lamb shank served with red wine–poached beets and carrot purée, yuum. Their prices weren’t bad for a place this nice either. Check out their menu and get a reservation here. Address: Skārņu iela 1

    Shopping In Riga

    To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the shopping areas in Riga. I had imagined loads of independent boutiques and cute vintage shops like in Tallinn, but they were few and far between so we usually ended up in chain stores like Pull&Bear, Bershka and Zara. As we don’t have those stores in northern Norway I wasn’t complaining at the time, I just had higher expectations I guess. I would love to change my mind though, so please comment your best shopping tips for Riga is you have any suggestions! The malls we frequented was:

    • Galerija Centrs: A mall in the middle of Old Town where you can shop at different stores; from H&M to Calvin Klein. Address: Audēju iela 16
    • Alfa Centrs: This huge center is a 35 minute tram ride outside of Riga. They have stores like Bershka, Pull and Bear, Promod, Mango and Zara. (Tram no. 1 to the Alfa stop). Address: Brīvības 372 
    • Stockmann: If department stores are more your thing you should visit this 4 floor one called Stockmann. I’m not a huge fan of department stores myself, but I kind of liked browsing in this one. Address: 13. janvāra 8 
    where to shop in riga

    Things To Do in Riga

    As Riga offers a lot of various activities, it is a suitable choice for a relaxing spa weekend with your loved one, a lovely and budget friendly trip with your kids, or an adventurous weekend with a group of friends. There are plenty of things to do in Riga and I’m sure anyone can find something for them. Here are a few of our picks:

    Relax At a Spa

    Riga is famous for it’s many spas and you can find spas in all price ranges. I haven’t tried any myself, but I suggest looking up prices and reviews on TripAdvisor before you book appointments.

    Pauls Stradins Museum For History Of Medicine

    A medical museum is maybe not the obvious choice for everyone, but discovering unusual and untraditional museums is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. Because of my choice of education it’s only natural that a medical museum would gain my attention, but my travel squad enjoyed the experience as well! Or at least that’s what they told me.. So maybe you will too? Address: Antonijas 1

    medical museum in riga

    Rīgas Centrāltirgus

    Shop fresh and local food at Rigas Central Market! It is known as one of the largest marketplaces in Eastern Europe both in area and number of visits. Approximately 80-100 000 people shop there every day, which is incomprehensible for a small town girl like myself. Even if you don’t buy anything it’s still a fun thing to check out when you’re in the area.

    Shooting Range

    My brother arranged for us to go to a shooting range where we got to fire with different types of guns. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, it was actually a very fun experience. Depending on what you want, there are different shooting packages you can choose from. Included in ours was free transportation from/to our apartment, safety training and en English speaking shooting instructor. We got to try a 12 Gauge shotgun, AK-47, Magnum 44, Glock, Heckler & Koch USP, and a few other ones. It was really interesting to learn about the different guns and trying them out.

    kings of shooting riga

    Escape Room

    Escape Rooms are the perfect activity for any type of travel. Unfamiliar with the concept? Well, you basically get locked up in a room and have 60 minutes to find your way out of there. SO FUN, you have to try it. We chose this SAW themed room in Riga and it’s hands down the best Escape-experience of mine yet. Obviously I can’t reveal much, but lets just say you get blindfolded and cuffed in a replica of the bathroom from the SAW movie.. I was SO SCARED and SO EXCITED, I’m sure I could have fueled a small nuclear factory with my heart rate alone.

    the best escape room in riga

    Anything To Add?

    I personally enjoyed Riga a lot and would love to go back to experience spring or fall in the city. Do you have suggestions on things to do in Riga? Please feel free to post them in the comments for others to see.

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