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  • Travel Addict Needs | Gift Guide

    Hi. I’m Tina and I’m a travel addict. There, I said it. Phew, I feel so much better.

    Travel addiction is the real deal. It is always present. Whenever I’m not busy traveling or planning my next trip, I’m browsing the world wide web for items that will make my next trip easier and more comfortable.. Or you’ll find me drooling at some cute travel related decor for my home. Am I the only one? Doubtful.

    You see, I’m pretty sure everyone has a travel addict in their life. It may be your sister, a co-worker, even a neighbor. Or maybe it’s you? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell). Since I know I’m not alone in my addiction, I thought I’d share some of my favorite travel items here. Hopefully it will help you find something useful for your upcoming trip to Europe, or I’ll help you find that perfect birthday present for your globetrotting BFF.

    // Some of the links in this post are affiliate links

    Travel in Style

    Vintage Looking Suitcase

    I have always had this obsession with vintage suitcases. I even use three oldies as a nightstand. But the downside with vintage suitcases is that they are super heavy and really impractical. So nowadays I keep eyeing a vintage looking suitcase instead and I recently came across this one from Unitravel. It looks stunningly retro all while being lightweight and practical (360° spinner wheels = the best invention everrrr). I WANT THIS SO BAD.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Vintage Looking Luggage: Here

    White Marble Passport Cover & Luggage Tag

    Travel in style by using a minimalist passport cover like this one in white marble from Leminimo. This cover will protect your passport and credit cards – all while looking good for the ‘gram. You can even get a matching luggage tag from the same brand, too. Yaaay! … Am I the only one who loves that the white marble trend never seems to end?

    Passport Cover: Here // Luggage Tag: Here

    Cocktail Kit For Your Flight

    Okay this might be a silly one you guys, but nothing says «I travel in style» more than a carry-on cocktail kit like this. It’s a kit that is specifically designed to pair with the single-serving spirits you get on flights, and it comes with all the ingredients and tools you need to make two cocktails mid-flight. There are several drinks to choose from too. This might not be the most useful item out there, but it’s certainly a fun and original concept and would make a great gift for a travel addict.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Cocktail Kit: here

    Complete Organizing Wallet

    A passport cover might not be enough for you. Need something a little more extra that will organize all important documents while traveling? Maybe you should check out the Zoppen Travel Wallet. This one has it ALL you guys: A pouch for your phone, zipper pocket for change, ticket compartment, Rfid blocking, key holder, sim card pouch, ID card slot, passport pouch, three card slots, a pen holder and a removable wrist strap. And it looks so tiny for all that! I have never tried one of these before, so I can’t really recommend it. But both this version (version 5) and version 4 have great reviews on Amazon, so I’m definitely giving it a try for my upcoming travels.

    Zoppen Travel Wallet: here

    Elegant Travel Adapters

    A universal travel adapter is a must for any globetrotter out there. But there are so many ugly ones.. Not that it should matter, I know, I know, but if you like your things to look cute, why not get a more elegant one instead of a bulky one in grey and neon green? I came across these cute ones in gold and rose gold from Dandelion and LOOK how pretty and chic. And they’re very affordable as well.

    Gold Adapter: here // Rose Gold Adapter: here

    Travel Jewelry Boxes

    Keep that jewelry safe and untangled while traveling. The brand Vlando has so many affordable and elegant options for any jewelry organizing need out there, and every item comes in a variety of colors. The roll bag organizer on the left is lightweight and can hold many items like necklaces, rings, earrings and pins. It also contains a removable zipped bag for larger jewelries or your lipstick. The jewelry box on the right has a lot of room for all sorts of jewelry as well and would make a great gift for a friend, mother or yourself.

    Organizer Roll: here // Organizer Box: here

    A Must: Powerbank

    If there is one thing modern travelers are dependent on these days, it’s power. That is why God (or some other science dude in Cali, perhaps) invented the powerbank. I once tried to do some research on what powerbank is the best in regards to price and actual performance, and the most important thing I learned is that none of them provide as much power as they say they do. NONE. I’m sure that will get better in the next couple of years though, and for now I’m good with a 20,000 mAh one. Even if it lies a little. This one from iWALK both looks cute and has good reviews – just what I need.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Powerbank: here

    Chic & Solid Phone Case

    Protecting my phone while exploring and looking chic at the same time? I’m sold. I drop my phone a lot so a solid phone case is a must for me, traveling or not, and this one from iDeal of Sweden is my absolute favorite. This brand is super popular in Scandinavia and it’s not hard to see why: the designs are like no other brand I’ve tried so far and their quality is really good. My case in gold marble has lasted for 1.5 years even though I’ve dropped my phone regularly (woopsie). I think my next case will be this one in white marble with a matching charger for my nightstand.

    White Marble Case: here // White Marble Charging Station: here

    Going Places Watch

    I like to keep track of the time back home whenever I’m on the other side of the planet, and my favorite way to do that is by wearing an analog watch set to the time back in Norway. Now, there are loads of travel themed watches to buy online, but every single one I’ve looked at have had pretty bad reviews regarding it’s quality. So if you’re into buying a watch for your travels that will actually last you more than a week in Europe, my money is on this one from Kate Spade New York. A bit pricy, but oooh so cute!

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Going Places Watch: here

    MIRA Travel Bottle

    Bringing a reusable bottle while traveling is an absolute must. I’m very pleased with mine in stainless steel and this one from MIRA sounds and looks really similar to the one I bought in Norway. It keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids hot or 12 hours, without ‘sweating’. This model comes in 28 (!!) styles and colors that all look super sleek. And the best part is that they have great reviews on Amazon too. 

    MIRA Travel Bottle: here

    For Memory Keeping

    A Travel Camera

    It’s 2019 and we are all documenting our lives like never before. Most of us do that with our smartphones, but when you’re going on a trip of a lifetime their photo quality might not be enough, especially in low light situations. There is so much to choose from so it can actually be quite hard to decide which camera to get. I personally use my full frame Canon 6D with my Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART lens, which creates incredible travel portraits. The cons with this type of equipment is that it’s super heavy and quite expensive, so unless you are very invested in the photography field I recommend getting something lighter and less expensive as your travel camera.

    Look into something mirrorless, like the Olympus PEN E-PL9. It takes great quality photos for the price, has all these different modes for different situations, shoots 4K video and you can transfer the photos directly to your smart phone. You also get the option of buying any lenses suitable for the type of photos you want to get, which is a really important feature in my opinion. Definitely consider getting a portrait lens – I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Ohh, and it looks freakin’ gorgeous! Score.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Olympus PEN E-PL9: here

    Travel Journal With Scratch Off Maps

    The Travelogue Journal allows you to plan a complete trip and record every experience along the journey in your own words. It’s simply a combination of a travel planner, a checklist, a diary AND a scratch off map – all in one. Well, to be fair, it comes with 8 detailed map pages.. Even better! This one makes journaling fun for everyone and is a great gift for someone you know who is planning on the trip of a lifetime.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Travelogue Scratch Off Journal: here

    Instant Travel Pics With Fujifilm Instax

    I just love the versatility of instants – you can easily give a photo to a friend, decorate your travel journal with them minutes after the moment happened, put them in frames, or make a polaroid wall in your home. That is why I consider a Fujifilm Instax camera the ultimate travel accessory, as you can use it for so many other reasons too. I picked up my Fujifilm Instax Wide camera in New York in 2011 and I instantly (meeheh) fell in love with the format and so far it’s ‘seen’ three continents with me.

    Instax Wide here // Instax Square: here

    Since my purchase, the popularity of the Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras has exploded and it seems like “everyone” has one. I personally think those pictures are way too small, so I definitely recommend getting the Instax Wide instead. Although it may seem a bit big and bulky to bring along, the photos are twice as big and it is 100% worth it. Fujifilm has also made it possible for us to get square instants now with the Instax Square camera. I haven’t personally tried that one but the instants look super cute!

    Instant Travel Pics With Fujifilm Printers

    Do you crave that retro look you get with instants but you’re dreading carrying another camera with you while traveling? Get an Instax printer instead. Leave it at the hotel and print your favorite pics from your smart phone after an adventurous day, or simply print them once you get back home. SO SMART. The printer even comes in a Mini version and a Square version, so you can choose your fave format. I’m considering getting a Square printer, but I’m still praying to the photography gods that Fuji will make me a Wide printer asap (pretty please??).

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Instax Mini Printer: here // Instax Square Printer: here

    A “Fill Out” Travel Journal

    Swept Away by Wanderlust is a coffee table style journal by Axel & Ash. It is filled with 10 destinations for you to write about, and has everything from blank pages to inspiring quotes, lists, beautiful photographs and fun writing prompts. Perfect for those of us who want to journal but lacks imagination and gets bored of it real quick. My favorite thing about this book is that it’s quirky questions make me think about aspects of my journey that I wouldn’t be aware of without them. I got this for my birthday a year ago and I enjoyed it so much I gave one to Samantha for Christmas. She loved it too! It is such an amazing way to capture your travel memories.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Wanderlust Travel Book: Here

    Mini Notebooks

    If you’re not into that whole “fill out” type of journaling, getting a cute notebook with blank pages might more suitable choice. I personally love these cool ones from Vinta Supply, and the more vintage looking ones from Cavallini & Co. Their small size makes them easy to bring a long while traveling, which is a huge plus.

    1: here // 2: here // 3: here // 4: here

    Personalized Travel Journal

    Lets say a friend of yours is headed for a trip she’s been planning and saving for forever and you want to give her something special to show how much you care. A personalized travel journal like this one might be a good idea! It’s simple, classy and lovely – with a personal little twist. I know I would love one of these!

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Personalized Travel Journal: here

    Travel Decor For The Home

    The Vintage World Map

    This is my all time favorite poster in my home. And I have bought a lot of posters. It is so damn pretty and cute and vintage looking, and the hanger kit you get with it makes it even more perfect. It’s from Cavallini Papers & Co, one of my fave stores on Amazon for travel themed & vintage looking items. I’ve got this one hanging above my desk so that I can day dream away to anywhere in the world in-between study sessions. They have a lot of maps to choose from, like the USA and Paris posters below.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Get it: here

    USA map: here // Paris map: here

    A Personalized Departure Board Print

    This personalized departure board print would be the perfect wedding gift for a couple who is traveling somewhere exciting for their honeymoon, or maybe for your co-traveler? You can personalize the print title, the destination names, the background color and print size.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Personalized Departure Board: here

    Find The Perfect Globe

    The hunt for that perfect globe isn’t always easy. I would know, I own two myself haha. I’ve also come to like the idea of a globe I can pin but most of the ones I’ve found are made out of cork, and they don’t really have the esthetic I want. This magnetic globe is a better option however: it has a clean look, and this way I can show people where I’ve been without potentially ruining my beautiful maps with pins. If you prefer a classic globe with no fancy traits, this vintage looking Ambassador Globe from Waypoint Geographic might be a better choice. There are so many great options out there.

    Ambassador Globe: here // Magneglobe: here

    Chalkboard Map

    Even though it’s missing Iceland and a few other places, the chalkboard map from Luckies is really neat. It is self-adhesive so you can place it right on the wall of your choice. Go nuts with the chalk that comes with it and get creative.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Chalkboard Map: here

    Cross Stitch Map Kit

    I’m not even sure I could sew something if my life depended on it. But cross stitches? Anyone can do that. Even me. I got a cross stitch map for Christmas last year and it was such an adorable present. You can really let your inner artist have some fun with this cross stitch map, or give it as a present for someone you know would love it. Choose your own style and create a world map you can be proud of – and exactly how you like it.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Cross Stitch Map: here

    Color Map Mugs

    Now this one was news to me. How did I not know about this before?? If the name isn’t explanatory enough, the concept is that you can color in the countries you’ve visited on this adorable ceramic mug to keep track of your travels. Or you can use it to plan your next big vacation! If you want to permanently update your world map, simply pop the mug in the oven. Repeat this ritual whenever you go somewhere new. Might be a fun present for your kids or any mini globetrotter in your life!

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Color Map Mugs: here

    Travel Coffee Table Books

    A coffee table book is always a great present, so why not get a travel related one? Atlas Obscura takes us off the beaten path by celebrating over 700 of the weirdest places on this planet. This book revels in the hidden, the weird, the unexpected and the mysterious. It shows you how strange the world really can be, and inspires you to travel to new places you had probably never heard of before.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Atlas Obscura: here

    Need suggestions on your next travel read? Read our latest ideas here

    The World Is A Puzzle

    How about some travel themed decor that is also a fun activity? You can find a puzzle of a destination you or your loved ones like, puzzle it and frame it once it’s done. Another option is to complete a 3D puzzle of your favorite architectural gem abroad, like the Notre Dame in Paris. Looks like so much fun! If you want a smaller form of commitment there is always a fridge magnet puzzle of your favorite city. So many puzzling options.

    Notre Dame 3D puzzle: here // London City Puzzle Magnets: here

    Scratch Off Map

    I couldn’t write a post about travel gifts and not mention the scratch off map, right? This must be the most popular travel gift of 2018 – SO many people got one and I absolutely see why. There are an unlimited number of designs to get, in all sorts of colors, and it looks really cool on basically any wall. Even if you’re an unexperienced traveler or a globetrotter of the committed kind, the scratch off map is a real gem. I really like this watercolored one from Wander The World:

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Watercolored Scratch Off Map: here

    Packing & Toiletries

    Mini Refillable Perfume Bottles

    These little weirdos are a blessing. I’m not even exaggerating. These colorful, miniature refill bottles contain 5 ml each, and are easy to refill with your favorite perfume, aftershave or makeup remover. They’re small enough to put in your purse, which makes them ideal for travel and everyday use. I know a a six-pack might seem like a lot, but you can keep one or two for yourself and give the remaining ones to your travel buddies. I keep one in each of my favorite purses, I love them so much! 

    6 x Refillable Perfume Bottles: here

    MakeUp Eraser

    I got a MakeUp Eraser as a gift a few years ago and I highly recommend it. It’s a soft microfiber cloth for your face that removes all of your make up if you add water. It might sound too good to be true, but I swear it works! And I use a lot of make up somedays. It is super light weight, which makes if great for traveling, and it’s so much better for the environment and your wallet than purchasing makeup remover wipes all the time. They come inn all sorts of colors, make sure you give it a try.

    MakeUp Eraser: here

    Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes aren’t for everyone. I didn’t even like the idea of them at first, but I had to try them out after I was gifted a set two years ago. And I’ve used them quite a lot actually! I use the whole set whenever I travel with a big suitcase, and use a few of them whenever I travel with carry-on only. They are great for organizing my stuff and makes packing less stressful. I expect a good set of packing cubes to look sleek, have a mesh cover for good visibility, and they should always include a laundry bag or two. This affordable set as all of that, in addition to buckle straps, which will help keep the clothes in their place and apply compression.

    Packing Cubes: here

    Solids VS Liquids

    Did you know you can get most necessary toiletries in solid form instead of liquids? Travelon has tiny packs of biodegradable sheets that dissolve in water, which are peeerfect for backpacking and traveling with carry-on only. We all know the extra hassle liquid limitations us go through while packing.. I’ve only tried the laundry soap, which worked wonderfully, and they also have shampoo, hand soap, body wash and shaving sheets. Just make sure you keep them dry while traveling so they don’t ‘melt’ – maybe in a zip lock bag or something similar.

    Travelon Sheets: here

    Travel Towel For The Win

    You might think a travel towel is one hundred per cent BS, but they are seriously handy for us travelers. Backpacking, camping, hostel life – a travel towel will get you a long way. The reason for that is it’s ability to dry quickly after use, and it’s light weight and small size compared to a regular towel. Travel towels are usually made of microfiber, which felt super weird against my body the first time I tried one. It seriously felt like I was getting a little too cozy with something I’d dust the TV with. But I got used to it real quick and I’m pretty sure you will see the pros to it quickly too.

    Travel Towel: here

    Travel Themed Accessories

    Airplane Necklace

    Isn’t this airplane necklace the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Get one for yourself in gold, silver og brass – or maybe give one to your favorite travel partner? Such a lovely accessory that reminds you to keep exploring.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Airplane Necklace: here

    Globe Shaped Necklace

    A necklace in the shape of the globe is the perfect gift for yourself or a travel addict of your choice. The danish brand ByBiehl has the most beeeeeautiful version of it here, I’m so in love! But as the price is quite stiff I suggest you get one for the fraction of the price on Amazon instead. Why not spend that extra money on a long distance flight instead, ey?

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Globe Shaped Necklace: Here

    Temporary Travel Tattoo

    Test that «wanderlust» tattoo you’ve been wanting before committing to a permanent one. Inkbox has temporary tattoos that last 1-2 weeks, perfect for indecisive souls like myself. You can browse through their many artist designs, including a large variety of travel related tattoos, ooor you can create your very own tattoo! HOW FUN IS THAT. This would make the perfect present for a globetrotter, or get matching ones for your squad’s next trip! I’m definitely ordering a few for this summer.

    Must haves for any travel addict out there - a gift guide for globetrotters.

    Left: here // Middle: here // Right: here

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    Tina Krey
    Tina Krey

    Hi, I’m Tina! A Norwegian girl who is currently balancing life as a student, work in healthcare and this hobby of mine called travel. Hiking and dinosaurs are my favorites. Oh, and I also like beer.

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